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In this chapter we will be introducing two topics that are very important in an algebra class.  We will start off the chapter with a brief discussion of graphing.  This is not really the main topic of this chapter, but we need the basics down before moving into the second topic of this chapter.  The next chapter will contain the remainder of the graphing discussion.


The second topic that we’ll be looking at is that of functions.  This is probably one of the more important ideas that will come out of an Algebra class.  When first studying the concept of functions many students don’t really understand the importance or usefulness of functions and function notation.  The importance and/or usefulness of functions and function notation will only become apparent in later chapters and later classes.  In fact, there are some topics that can only be done easily with function and function notation.


Here is a brief listing of the topics in this chapter.


Graphing  In this section we will introduce the Cartesian coordinate system and most of the basics of graphing equations.

Lines  Here we will review the main ideas from the study of lines including slope and the special forms of the equation of a line.

Circles  We will look at the equation of a circle and graphing circles in this section.

The Definition of a Function  We will discuss the definition of a function in this section.  We will also introduce the idea of function evaluation.

Graphing Functions  In this section we will look at the basics of graphing functions.  We will also graph some piecewise functions in this section.

Combining functions  Here we will look at basic arithmetic involving functions as well as function composition.

Inverse Functions  We will define and find inverse functions in this section.

Online Notes / Algebra (Notes) / Graphing and Functions

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