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Privacy Statement

Your privacy is very important to me and in light of that I feel that I must disclose the following information.

I use AWStats to track usage statistics for this site. The statistics that are tracked are the country of the visitor, type of browser used and some of it's capabilities, operating system, screen size, whether or not you have certain programs installed on your computer that can enhance your web viewing experience (examples are Adobe's Acrobat Reader and Macromedia Flash). Awstats also counts the number of pages that are viewed during a visit to the site. It does not however, keep track of which pages are viewed by the visitor. It only trackes the number of pages that are actually viewed.

I use this information to determine who is using the site and the capabilities of the browser/operating system of visitors. Knowing the capabilities of the browser/operating system is important to me in determining whether or not to add in a new feature that may be dependent upon a capability that may or may not be present upon most systems. For instance, knowing that approximately 85% of all visitors have Adobe's Acrobat Reader installed on their system means this is a good format to make downloads available in.

AWStats does set a cookie on your computer. This cookie contains two identifiers. One identifier helps it determine if you have visited the site before. The other identifier helps it determine if the page you are currently viewing is part of the current visit to the site or if you are returning to the site after an absence. The session identifier will expire after 1 hour and the visitor identifier expires after 1000 hours.

Disabling scripting support will prevent AWStats from determing screen size and whether or not programs such as Acrobat Reader or Flash are installed on your computer. Disabing scripting support will also prevent the cookie from being set. However, be aware that if you disable scripting support the menu system used for navigation will no longer work. Also, the program that I used to generate the mathematics for these pages uses scripting to properly format the images. Without scripting support, most of the mathematics will not appear!

The statistics tracked by AWStats will be shared with others only if required to do so by law or if required to by Lamar University. Lamar University provides the computer on which this site is hosted and so I can't prevent them from viewing the statistics if they should require it.

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