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Here are some links that I've run across over the years that you might find helpful. I try to check them every so often for bad/broken/dead links but I will miss some occasionally so if you should happen to run across a link that doesn't work anymore please contact me me and let me know!

Math Help Sites
Here are a several sites that offer help in mathematics. All of these sites offer "live" help. Several of these sites operate through email and other operate through a forum system.
  • OpenStudy - A nice place to get help for most of your math courses
  • Math Help Boards A set of forums where you can get help in a variety of math subjects (including both University and lower level subjects).
  • Dr. Math Another free help site.
  • Study Skills Online This is an excellent web site with some great discussion of study skills by Martin Greenhow. The site has some occasional comments pertaining to the school Dr. Greenhow teaches but is a great site that goes into much greater detail than I do here in my "How To Study Math" section.
  • Free Math Help This is a forum in which you can get help in Algebra, Geometry and Calculus. You need to register, but the registration is free.
  • S.O.S Math Forum S.O.S Math's forum for getting help for a wide variety of classes. In order to post a question you'll need to register, but it's free.
  • Chegg Homework Help Homework help from They offer help with more than just math!
  • This site has both help services as well as software.
  • makes learning math easier and faster. The site has over 5000 math videos designed to help students learn at their own pace. Affordable access to the site is unlimited for the low price of only $14.95 per month or $3.95 per day as needed. We look forward to you visiting the website.
Online Tutorial Sites
Here are a variety of sites that have online tutorials and/or lessons. Any tutorial sites listed here similar to mine in that they have online resources but may not necessarily have "live" help as the sites listed above have. Math Information Sites
Here are a variety of sites that contain a wealth of information about a variety of math topics.
  • Purplemath This site is a great site with lots of resources and links relating to Algebra.
  • A really nice site with lots of information about Algebra and Geometry with a little Probabilty/Statistics thrown in.
  • The Dr. Math FAQ This is a nice site that answers to a lot of the frequently asked questions in math.
  • Math World Here is an online math encyclopedia.
  • Cut the Knot! This site contains solutions to quite a few challenging problems including the 12 coins (or bags of gold) problem.
  • The Mathematical Atlas This site gives descriptions of math of the the various areas of modern mathematics.
  • S.O.S Mathematics This site has information about a large variety of topics from Algebra to more advanced math course.
  • Geometric Formulas Here are a variety of geometric formulas from Dr. Math.
  • 50 Online Resources for Freshman Here is a nice set of online resources for students (freshman or otherwise...). They even have this site listed!
Online Exercises and Problems
Here are some sites that have some excesses for you to practice on.
  • Algebra Help Worksheets Here are nice set of worksheets on
  • EdHelper This site can generate practice problem sets over a wide range of Algebra and Trigonometry topics.
  • S.O.S Practice Exams Here is the S.O.S practice exam page. They have practice exams for topics ranging from Algebra to Calculus to Differential Equations.
Here are are some links to some nice software packages that you may find useful. Some of the software is free and others must be purchased.
  • Math 911 This is a nice program for help in Algebra.
  • Equation Grapher This is a nice (and free) program for graphing basic graphs. They also have a program that can do regression analysis.
  • Peanut Software This is a nice collection of free programs. Included are programs that will do basic statistics computations, discrete math computations, matrix computations, graph geometric figures, graph fractals, and a general function grapher.
  • Graphing Calculator This is a really nice graphing program. It is capable of graphing in 2 or 3 dimensions and it capable of dealing with all the standard coordinate systems that you're liable to run across in a calculus course. The only drawback is that it does cost, but it's much cheaper than other programs with it's graphing capabilities.
  • Mathematica This is the program that I used to generate many of the graphs on this site (or at least the base graphs, many of the equations where later added using Photoshop....). This is a very nice program capable of doing pretty much any math you'd like to do. They also sell a student version of the program.
  • Wolfram|Alpha This is a really nice web interface to most (maybe all?) of Mathematicas capabilities. It is simple to use and best of all is free which makes it a really nice resource!
  • Maple This is another program like Mathematica and is even capable of doing some graduate level mathematics. They also sell a student version.
  • Mathcad Another computer algebra system along the lines of Maple and Mathematica. They sell a student version and have a reduced functionality free version.
  • Maxima Yet another computer algebra system along the lines of Maple and Mathematica. This is an open source project that arose out of of one of the first computer algebra systems, Macsyma (I actually remember using Macsyma back in the day!) and is free.
  • Matlab This is a really nice program for doing numerical computations. It is used in a wide variety of engineering and mathematics applications and is probably one of the most well known/used programs for numerical computations. It is however quite expensive.
  • Scilab This is a essentially a Matlab clone. It may not be capable of all the really advanced things that Matlab is, but for most of the everyday applications it is just as capable as Matlab. One of the nice features of Scilab is that it is free.
Online Calculators
Here are a variety of online resources that will do some automatic calculations for you.
  • eCalc This is a really nice online calculator that is also capable of dealing with complex numbers.
  • Unit Converter This is a nice unit converter.
  • QuickMath An online calculator for a variety of Algebra problems.
  • This site has will do many types of computations online from Algebra to Calculus. The site will not only give answers but the steps required to get most of the answers.
  • Algebra Help Calculators Here are the calculators at
  • This has just about every kind of basic calculator that you can think of, including most of the various kinds of conversion calculators that you'd ever need.
  • Automatic Calculus and Algebra Help This site has some can compute a variety of Algebra and Calculus problems.
  • Statistics Calculators Here are a variety of statistics calculators.
  • This site some nice online graphing calculators. They can do 2D and 3D equations as well as systems of equations and inequalities. They also have a forum to help students in Algebra, PreCalculus and Calculus. There is a small fee to access some of the more advanced features.
  • Calc5 A calculator with a Google Gadget version.
  • Time Calculators A set of time calculators.
Just a few sites that don't fit into any of the other areas above.

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