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May 5, 2016

Calculus I - Practice Problems

For problems 1  3 evaluate the given limit.


1.  [Solution]


2.  [Solution]


3.  [Solution]


For problems 4  10 differentiate the given function.


4.  [Solution]


5.  [Solution]


6.  [Solution]


7.  [Solution]


8.  [Solution]


9.  [Solution]


10.  [Solution]


11. Find the tangent line to  at . [Solution]


12. The position of an object is given by  determine all the points where the object is not moving. [Solution]


13. Where in the range  is the function  is increasing and decreasing.  [Solution]


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Calculus I (Practice Problems) / Derivatives / Derivatives of Trig Functions    [Notes] [Practice Problems] [Assignment Problems]

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